6 Strategies to Follow for WordPress Plugin Development

3 min readSep 1, 2022


WordPress is expanding as a blogging platform and a full-fledged content management system (CMS). It is the most influential platform that combines the best practices of WordPress and has provided us with a beneficial and supportive repository. The best part is that WordPress can help you build websites without technical knowledge. WordPress plugin development is the foundation of WordPress websites. It can also assist you if you want to integrate an eCommerce store or a contact form into your WordPress website.

Points to consider for WordPress plugin development

Here are some tips to remember while developing plugins in WordPress

Design strategy

Making a strategy for the WordPress plugin development process is an important step. It is critical because it allows you to manage the code based on the complexity of the plugin. If the plugin works less closely with WordPress’s core files, there will be less work unless you plan on growing it in stages. On the contrary, extensive plugins with more groupable code help with classes, different style sheets, and script files for active code organization. These are crucial measures because they demonstrate how seriously you take issues like updates, support, documentation, and security.

Namespace plugins

Namespacing is for all functions, files, variables, and classes with the Plugin name. Alternatively, prepare to deal with theme and plugin conflict issues. WordPress has provided us with two options for building the WordPress Plugin development: as a function. As previously stated, it can lead to conflict. So, among non-namespaced functions, those in the plugin into the global namespace imply that if there is a function, such as a plugin init, then it appears to conflict with the similar functions outlined by someone else.

Extending plugin development

If you frequently encounter problems customizing the plugin and find code to be the only way to execute, you should consider using an approach of extendable plugin development. Hire a WordPress developer for more professional guidance. Do you discover you can’t locate any filter/action hooks provided by the plugin developer to enhance the plugin’s capabilities? Ensure that your plugin is up to date with the standards that offer the filter/action hook to allow others to improve the capabilities.

AJAX implementation

Ajax is a more robust and versatile tool that allows developers to create more streamlined applications. It is for various tasks, including login credential verification and content loading. Ajax is a combination of different programming languages that you should consider. Make no custom Ajax applications for WordPress. You can hire a WordPress developer for more technical guidance. The traditional implementation allows you to use all of WordPress’ APIs and the filter/hooks in the Ajax functions.

Error reporting

Ascertain that the plugin is error-free because it can reveal sensitive information such as code logic and system directory paths. Do not proceed until you have tested the plugins with the “WP DEBUG” set to “True.” In the production website, you must have a reliable system for detecting errors and assisting users in logging in to locate the file- “WP Debug Logger” is used for this. You can take WordPress support for more guidance.

Load requirements

Don’t overburden your plugin with unnecessary features. Treat the plugin as you would your luggage when going on vacation. Loading what is required is far more important- you can load the javascript, stylesheet, and any other critical script you may need for that section and page of your website. It is also not to load the admin scripts on the front end.

Conclusion: Several critical challenges are forcing WordPress into a competitive market. With these tips, you can alleviate many of the issues that WordPress plugins face. For more consideration, consult a WordPress development company for more projects.




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