Know Why Shopify Development Services Is Crucial For Businesses

Why Shopify development is an ideal choice for eCommerce stores?

An online store built using Shopify can get launched online with little configuration. It is incredible for store retailers who want their product line to reach the market as soon as possible. Shopify provides a remarkable user experience to attract new customers and retain the older ones.

Rapid store development

Shopify app development is highly popular for rapid store development and offers rich functionality to the website in no time. With a dedicated technology partner like OrangeMantra, the development time drastically gets reduced. Shopify maintenance enables building a store within the desired time frame and offers a great community that can extend support in the development process.

Appealing design

Today, most online shopping stores look similar in design. However, tech giants like Amazon, Walmart, and others have a stunning design that provides a world-class user experience. With Shopify, local stores and medium-sized companies can make their website look appealing with more than 100 Shopify themes. Shopify app development services offered by a well-renowned agency provide access to theme customization, and you can achieve complete transparency in determining the theme of the website that showcases credibility to your customers.

Payment gateway integration

Shopify is chosen by businesses in 175+ countries to create an out-of-the-box eCommerce store. It has enabled third-party payment gateway integrations. As a result, store owners need not worry about unlisted payment gateways. Another significant thing to notice is that Shopify development services provide great security for the transaction processes.


As an online store retailer, you may think of the marketing aspect of your shopping portal. The Shopify app development solutions enable great utilization of the marketing benefits offered by the Shopify platform. With Shopify, you can take control of your online store’s marketing or hire a professional who can hassle-freely manage all the doings.

Mobile responsive store

The world is going mobile at a fast pace. Therefore, store owners have this recurring question as to whether their shopping website will be mobile-supported or not. With Shopify development, you can rest assured that the platform enables the development of mobile-responsive websites to serve customers worldwide.



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