PSD to WordPress Conversion- Why Every Business Should Opt for its Website Success?

Creating a professional and fast-paced business website is a challenging work, and needs a lot of coding efforts. Developers must meet user needs to build an engaging, responsive, and friendly design. Thus PSD to WordPress conversion is one of the most crucial step to build amazing and responsive websites with ease.

Before we discuss the advantages of this conversion technique, let’s discuss the growing popularity of WordPress for deep understanding.

  • Over 30% of all the internet based websites are WordPress powered.
  • Its popularity is growing up very quickly and leaving competitors behind.
  • Joomla, Drupal, are its core competitors but WordPress has huge popularity across the world.

However, converting a PSD file to a WordPress theme is not a simple cake walk. It’s really easy if you know the process of converting a PSD file into a theme. If still experiencing any challenge to perform the work yourself, you could hire dedicated WordPress developer to do the remaining job.

Responsive and feature-rich WordPress theme can take your business website to the next level. If you’ve designed your website in Photoshop, then different ways are available to convert it into an engaging & real-life theme. This is possible with the support of a conversion software or manually with the support of a web developer. It feels easy and time saving to opt for some conversion software but better results are with the manual process.

How Manual Conversion is a better choice?

Manual conversion needs more investment in terms of money and time but outcome is of higher and professional quality. Manual conversion has built-in advantages than an automatic approach.

To make it simple and smooth process, check out the 5 common benefits offered by the conversion process.

1. SEO-Friendly Code

Ranking high in search engines is a tough job to achieve and becomes challenging if you didn’t have well-optimized conversion strategy. A real set of human eyes is the best technique to continue with the continuous transforming SEO needs.

2. Pixel Perfection

Manual PSD to WordPress conversion helps to build engaging design, no matter how simple or challenging the job is for your website. You don’t need to worry about the design after the conversion process, as no troubles are left to address. Manual conversion offers amazing quality in comparison to the conversion software.

3. Cross-Compatibility

The drawback of using conversion software for your design, it’s becomes impossible for the theme to function and operate on all platforms. Only an experienced Wordpress development agency can ensure that your theme loads at a faster rate without any hassle on all web browsers including Chrome and Mozilla.

4. Flexibility

Code written manually for conversion work is way simpler to customize at later stages if the need arises. While automated code is usually difficult to customize at later stages and if need arises hiring some professional is expensive.

5. W3C Validation

Even automated code that is functional have some errors. These errors can make a website unreliable and often cost its W3C validation. A manual conversion can find out the majority of errors and ensure your website is properly validated.

So, these are some of the advantages of manual PSD to WordPress conversion and can’t be avoided when planning to implement for the business website.


If you want to build a fully-customizable website theme comprised of engaging color combinations and font types that suit your business requirements it is the right time to hire dedicated WordPress developers from a recognized agency. They will offer flexible PSD to WordPress conversion within the budget. Several renowned websites have opted for the conversion work and you can become successful like them with appropriate process.



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