Shopify App Vs Shopify Mobile Store: Which One Is Better For You

The eCommerce industry in India is experiencing a significant rise. It is due to the digital enhancement and customers’ inclination towards online products. In 2021, India witnessed an exponential eCommerce growth of $84 billion. And it is further projected to grow in 2022 and years ahead.

It cannot be wrong to say that online retail shopping is drawing towards impressive growth in the time ahead. And that’s happening because of the widespread availability of technical solutions for enterprises to transform their business.

Developing a feature-rich Shopify store is part of leveraging the growing eCommerce industry. Numerous enterprises find it a perfect opportunity to rely on Shopify development store experts and create an intuitive product-based platform.

However, with the rapid proliferation of technical options available for businesses, it becomes quite a dilemma to choose an ideal one. For instance, choosing between a Shopify app and a mobile store is quite challenging for businesses. Despite both solutions belonging to the result-oriented Shopify platform, still people find it hard to make the right choice.

In this blog, we will help you understand the difference between the two platforms by making a Shopify app vs Shopify mobile store comparison. This matter of discussion is based on the advantages and disadvantages of both options that allow you to make the right choice.

So, without any further ado, let’s start the required discussion.

What is Shopify Mobile Store?

A Shopify mobile store is a smartphone-optimized eCommerce platform. It allows the users experience seamless shopping pleasure on the mobile version itself. This type of platform does not allow your users to first download the application, register, and access the same. Anyone can access the mobile version optimized Shopify eCommerce store to attain a user-friendly shopping experience.

Benefits of Developing Shopify Mobile Store

• SEO-friendly: Having a website that is SEO-friendly has optimum chances of reaching extended customers and bringing substantial leads. Similarly, developing a Shopify mobile store which is the smartphone version of a website can index and rank well on the search engine. Creating a desktop and mobile-based Shopify version is beneficial to experience an increased set of traffic, high search engine ranking, and increased product sales patterns.

• Affordable cost: Developing a mobile-based Shopify web store is cost-effective compared to a full-fledged mobile application. Hire Shopify developer who can access several mobile-friendly Shopify themes to develop your platform accordingly. There is no such requirement to spend unnecessarily on upfront only mobile-based stores.

• Easy to maintain: A Shopify mobile store is simple to maintain compared with a mobile app. You need not rely on distinctive technologies to run operations and maintain the platform. A single best website is affordable and seamless to maintain in a hassle-free manner.

Disbenefits of Shopify Mobile Store

Like its pros, there are a few cons of the Shopify mobile store that you should be aware of before making the final decision.

• Unable to access smartphone functionality: Although Shopify mobile store can be accessed on a smartphone. However, it cannot access the native device’s functionality. It provides a limited accessibility experience on mobile phones with no such personalized user experience. Thus, it has a limited capacity compared to the mobile app.

• No offline accessibility: It is imperative to have a seamless internet connection to access the Shopify mobile store on any choice of device. This platform does not have any option of offline accessibility like that of a mobile application.

What is Shopify App?

As the name itself implies, the Shopify application is a smartphone-based functionality that is designed to provide an enhanced user experience. It works similarly to any other eCommerce app that sources functionalities from different APIs’ and offers a seamless shopping experience.

In particular, in this digital age, having a mobile app is proficient compared to only a web-based application. With the expertise of a reliable Shopify mobile app development, you can build a customized and feature-rich application to meet business objectives.

Benefits of Developing Shopify App

• Enhanced personalized appeal: Undoubtedly, an eCommerce app offers a better-personalized shopping experience compared to even a mobile-based website. It offers real-time customer data, location-specific product options, and round-the-clock shopping accessibility. Ultimately, the Shopify app enhanced user engagement along with increasing sales patterns.

• Offline accessibility: Unlike Shopify mobile store, an application can be accessed offline without needing an internet connection. Users can at least view the previously purchased products, save them for futuristic usage, browse products, and do more seamlessly.

• Send push notifications: Another big advantage of developing a Shopify application is the flexibility to send personalized push notifications to customers. In-app notifications are beneficial to capture customers’ attention and offer a personal-level shopping experience to boost sales. With this feature, you can encourage target customers to know more about your brand, products, deals, and other offerings.

Disbenefits of Shopify App

• High development cost: Although not exactly a disadvantage, but still developing a Shopify app is expensive compared to a mobile-based web store. It is because of adopting custom app building functionalities, a team of app development experts, and segregation to develop Android and iOS apps.

• No organic results: Unlike the SEO-friendly appeal of a Shopify mobile store, an application is devoid of such functionality. Instead of search engine optimization, you can rely on App Store Optimization (ASO) services to market your Android and iOS apps.

Final Analysis

Now, coming to the final set of decisions between the Shopify mobile store and mobile app, consider your requirement first. For any small-scale retail enterprise, developing a Shopify mobile store could be an initial step to digitally transforming a business at a low cost. On the other side, create a mobile app to reach a wide spectrum of customers after making a decent investment.

It’s only a matter of your business requirements and objectives to best differentiate between the Shopify app vs Shopify mobile store. And then make the ideal decision to develop your store with the aid of a reliable Shopify development company like OrangeMantra.



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