Why Custom Theme is better than Pre-Designed Theme for PSD to WordPress Conversion?

WordPress has been serving website development for decades. What started as blogging development software transformed into an essential CMS system. The popularity of the platform resulted PSD to WordPress conversion as essential in the industry.

Business Importance of WordPress Platform

Why developers prefer PSD to WordPress conversion?

WordPress is used by over 60 million websites revealing its level of popularity. Website developers prefer PSD to WordPress because of following reasons.

1. Enhance User Experience

Websites having striking features also needs to offer streamlined navigation. With extra plugins, website structure can be easily shaped as per your needs. This helps visitors find what they seek with your highly navigable and functional website.

2. Design Customization

You can build customized PSD designs, and convert them into WordPress. Conversion is complex for some, so hire WordPress expert for proper help from reputed agency.

3. SEO is Available

SEO is highly crucial to rank your website on the search engine results. It even helps to get wide visibility and attract organic traffic. During conversion, SEO plugins can be added, which will help in website ranking.

4. Cross-browser Compatibility

Many times websites face cross-browser compatibility issues. PSD to WordPress conversions will help developers to address this problem.

5. Flexibility

Conversion from PSD to WordPress means, you can integrate 40000 plus WordPress plugins. This will guide you develop a flexible website without making customization to its original code.

By now, it is clear why WordPress is popular across globe among web developers. In addition, WordPress is a perfect CMS system for enterprise level organizations too. Web developers can implement WordPress pre-designed themes or custom themes for their website development.

Introduction to WordPress Pre-designed Themes

WordPress offers thousands of pre-designed themes, designed by different developers. The theme engagement level depends on the skills and experience of the developers. A website is your business tool, so it becomes essential to choose an ideal theme, or customize the existing one from the scratch.

Many website development firm’s purchase pre-designed themes and sell as their own. It is a dishonest approach on their part. Many development firm sell pre-designed theme by addressing its fast customization speed. Since complex coding in PHP and challenges with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, the professionals need to upload logo and comprise custom colors. It sounds theoretically simple, but practically it is challenging.

Businesses need flexible website design to obtain maximum performance with customization. Third party themes make it tough to change their default designs. Pre-designed themes are developed to suit common scenarios and not the particular requirements of your business. Therefore attempts made to customize their handy-work can result in crippled layout, inferior usability, and other compromises.

Benefit of Custom WordPress Themes

A custom theme supports highlighting your unique business presence online. The site is easy to modify, according to business changes as and when needed. With WordPress development company, you get amazing customization options for themes, without impacting source code, which is time consuming.


With several business benefits of PSD to WordPress conversion it becomes essential when planning for further business growth. The above reasons would definitely help you to invest in WordPress. To hire experts for conversion work, you can consult experts!

So that was all related to PSD to WordPress Conversion for business enterprises. As you can see, the conversion is not easy and needs strong technical skills. You might face troubles during the conversion work. To make sure, the whole process is perfectly executed get professional guidance from WordPress Developers.



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